Silica Sol
Silica Sol

Silica Sol

Generally speaking, silica sol is a dispersion of nanosilica in water. Its ingredients are relatively simple, mainly including nano-silica, water and a small amount of stabilizers (Na+, K+, NH4+, etc.), but there is also Fe2+ in the silica sol. , Ca2+, Al3+ and other metal impurities and SO42-, CI-, NO3- and other acid-based impurities.


1.  Silica sol is nano-silica particles with a particle size between 5nm and 150nm, so it has a relatively large specific surface area and adsorption capacity; silica sol has low viscosity, small particles, and good permeability.

2. When the substances are mixed, the dispersion and permeability are very good. After evaporation and concentration under high temperature conditions, the colloidal particles gel and are firmly adsorbed on the surface of the object.


It can be widely used in industries such as electronics, polishing, coatings, papermaking, food, catalyst carriers, precision casting and refractory materials.


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