Ultrafine Sodium Bicarbonate Baking Soda Desulfurizer &Foaming Agent
Ultrafine Sodium Bicarbonate Baking Soda Desulfurizer &Foaming Agent

Ultrafine Sodium Bicarbonate Baking Soda Desulfurizer &Foaming Agent

Ultrafine baking soda, mesh size can be customized. 600-4500 mesh


1.  Our factory's boiling airflow crushing production line has the advantages of high fineness of crushed materials (20 mesh -10000 mesh), high purity (99% -99.999%), low crushing temperature (around 10 ℃), no pollution to materials, and wide applicability.

2. Processing process: Pure air is compressed and purified to form a low-temperature, high-pressure, and high-purity air medium. The medium enters the airflow crushing device, and multiple high-speed airflow streams are sprayed into the crushing device by specially arranged high-speed nozzles, driving the material entering from the feeding port to move at high speed.

3. When multiple high-speed airflow streams intersect, the material collides naturally with the material, achieving the purpose of crushing. At this point, the adiabatic expansion of the gas causes a sharp decrease in temperature, effectively reducing the heat generated when materials collide with each other.

4. Maintain a temperature of 10 ° C during the processing process; Left and right, maintaining the original quality of materials to the maximum extent, especially suitable for ultra-fine crushing of heat sensitive materials.

5. The crushed materials are separated into coarse and fine particles by secondary air, and the qualified materials are collected and packaged by a cyclone collection device through a classification device.

6. The large particles are lowered to the crushing area and participate in collision again for crushing.


1. Foaming agent

After crushing, it can replace some ADC or AC, and can be used alone or in combination to reduce foaming costs. Decomposition only depends on the provided heat and processing conditions, friction, and pressure. The foam decomposition is relatively gentle, and its decomposition product is mainly CO2, which will not corrode production and processing equipment. This product is a white solid powder, and its decomposition residue is white, which does not affect the color of the product. The whiteness of the product is good. For green and environmentally friendly products. Mainly used for extrusion and foaming of PVC and PS profiles, boards, sheets, and other low foam plastic products such as blinds, mirror frames, TPR soles, PVC injection slippers, and sandals. It can replace a large amount of exothermic foaming (AC or ADC) and effectively reduce foaming costs when combined with exothermic foaming agents. Odorless, non-toxic, with good storage properties and self extinguishing properties.

Decomposition temperature 110-160 ℃

Gas generation capacity of 115; 5 ml/g (STP)

Average particle size 8 μ M-18 μ M

2. Desulfurizer

Mainly used for smoke and dust desulfurization treatment in power plants, coking plants, waste incineration plants, steelmaking plants, etc.

After crushing, baking soda is used for sodium based dry desulfurization. Superfine sodium bicarbonate powder is fully mixed and in contact with flue gas, and reacts quickly with SO2 in the flue gas under the action of catalysts and promoters. Moreover, in the reactor, flue, and bag filter, the desulfurizer ultrafine powder continuously reacts with SO2 in the flue gas. The reaction is fast and sufficient, and the by-product NA2SO4 can be produced within 2 seconds. Recycling by-products through cloth bags and utilizing them as chemical products. This reaction has high desulfurization efficiency. When the chemical reaction equivalence is 1:1, the desulfurization efficiency is greater than 95%, and the desulfurizer is sprayed in one go without circulation. Desulfurization mechanism: Baking soda (NaHCO3) is used as a desulfurizer, which is activated by high-temperature flue gas to form a microporous structure on the surface, like popcorn being exploded. The flue gas in the flue gas fully contacts with the activated desulfurizer and undergoes a chemical reaction. SO2 and other acidic media in the flue gas are absorbed and purified. The by-products of desulfurization and drying, NA2SO4, enter the bag filter with the airflow and are captured.

Main reaction: 2NaHCO3 (S)=Na2CO3 (s)+H2O (g)+CO2 (g)

SO2 (g)+Na2CO3 (s)+1/2O2=Na2SO4 (s)+CO2 (g)

Side reactions: SO3 (g)+Na2CO3 (s)=Na2SO4 (s)+CO2 (g)

The SDS flue gas dry desulfurization and dust removal technology mainly includes flue gas system, desulfurizer powder making system, SDS desulfurization reaction system, bag dust removal system, and electrical instrument system, with a total pressure drop of 1500Pa. The core equipment includes a desulfurization reactor, an SDS injection system, and a bag filter.

3. The printing and dyeing industry is used as a fixing agent for dyeing and printing, an acid-base buffer, and a post-treatment agent for fabric dyeing and finishing.

4. Used in film production, tanning, mineral processing, smelting, metal heat treatment, as well as in the fiber and rubber industries.

5. Fire fighting equipment is used to produce acid alkali fire extinguishers and foam fire extinguishers.2. Desulfurizer

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