Key points for using microsilica powder, high-purity silica powder manufacturers will answer your questions

2024-03-27 15:34:12

High-purity silica powder manufacturers believe that because microsilica powder can be calcined at high temperature or dissolved in alkali to prepare water glass, whether microsilica powder or water glass is used as the silicon source to prepare silica aerogel, the high addition of microsilica powder can be achieved. Value utilization. Silica airgel prepared from microsilica powder as the silicon source has the characteristics of high porosity, high strength, low density, good thermal insulation performance, and non-toxicity, and is expected to be widely used in aerospace, construction, medicine and other industries.

High-purity silicon powder manufacturers believe that microsilica powder, also known as silicon powder or concentrated silicon powder, is a ferroalloy that is produced from highly volatile silica and silicon gas in submerged arc furnaces when smelting ferrosilicon and industrial silicon (metallic silicon). It is formed by rapid oxidation, condensation and precipitation. It is a by-product of large-scale industrial smelting. The entire process needs to be recycled through dust removal and environmental protection equipment. Due to its low density, it also needs to be encrypted through encryption equipment.


High-purity silica powder manufacturers consider the following precautions when using microsilica powder:

Used for refractory materials; according to the different properties of refractory raw materials, orthogonal design is carried out, and the appropriate formula is selected through comparative tests. Unencrypted silica fume is often used as a refractory material.

Applied to the mix design of high-performance concrete;

1) Compatibility: High-purity silica fume manufacturers believe that microsilica fume has good compatibility with water-reducing agents, fly ash, mineral powder, fibers, etc.

2) Slump: Due to its caulking effect, the viscosity of concrete is higher, so the slump design requirement of silica fume-mixed concrete is 2 ~ 3cm higher than that of ordinary concrete;

3) The dosage is 6-12% of the cement, used to make high-strength shotcrete; for underwater engineering concrete, its content is slightly higher; however, high-purity silica fume manufacturers believe that when microsilica fume is used as a pumping aid , the doping amount is reduced to about 2%. Determine the mix ratio through a mix ratio test. Microsilica fume, cement and aggregate should be mixed at the same time, construction should be carried out in strict accordance with specifications, and maintenance should be strengthened.

Add ingredients and stir;

1) The concrete industry generally uses encrypted microsilica powder, and you can choose manual or automatic feeding.

2) High-purity silica fume manufacturers believe that due to the unique ultra-fine characteristics of microsilica fume, microsilica fume should be put into the aggregate immediately after feeding, and powdery microsilica fume should not be added to properly mixed concrete.

3) The mixing time of concrete mixed with microsilica fume is 30 to 40 seconds longer than that of ordinary concrete to obtain good uniformity.

4) There are no special requirements for the transportation of silica fume-mixed concrete, which is the same as ordinary concrete.

Pouring and solidification;

1) High-purity silica fume manufacturers believe that microsilica fume concrete should be vibrated and compacted without leakage, under-vibration or over-vibration. The general vibration time is 10 ~ 30s

2) Concrete needs to be continuously supplied to prevent hidden dangers caused by cold summer planting. Summer planting time should not exceed 100 minutes;

3) High-purity silica fume manufacturers believe that it is very important to prevent premature evaporation of water during the curing process of silica fume concrete. Therefore, immediately after pouring, cover with film, lay sacks and water for curing.

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