The role of metal silicon powder processing enterprises in modern industry

2024-03-27 15:22:01

Metal silicon powder is called “industrial MSG”. The metallic luster of metal silicon powder is very obvious. Generally speaking, metal silicon powder appears silver gray or dark gray. It has strong oxidation ability and high resistance. rate, higher melting point, and its high temperature performance is also very good.

Metal silicon powder processing enterprises provide important raw materials for modern industrial production, and this raw material has a very wide range of applications.

The main uses of metallic silicon powder are as follows:

(1) The role of metal silicon powder processing enterprises can be reflected in the refractory materials industry. This important raw material it produces can be used in carbonaceous materials, which can increase the wear resistance and oxidation resistance of the products produced. In the powder metallurgy industry, metallic silicon powder can also be used as additives

(2) The role of metal silicon powder processing enterprises can also be reflected in organic silicon high-resolution synthetic materials. Metal silicon powder is an essential material for the production of silicon monomers, silicone rubber preservatives, and silicone oil. It is also important for the organic silicon chemical industry. The role of the industry can be said to be very important. It can also improve the performance of products, such as improving their high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

(3) Metal silicon powder companies are also indispensable for the high-tech field. Metal silicon powder is processed into single crystal silicon, and then made into silicon wafers. It can be said that metal silicon powder is indispensable for making electronic components and integrated circuits. Missing.

(4) Metal silicon powder processing enterprises also play an important supporting role in the metallurgical industry. It is mainly used as an additive, alloying agent and reducing agent in this industry, thereby changing the composition of steel and optimizing the properties of steel, such as aluminum Silicon alloy, ferrosilicon alloy, copper-silicon alloy, etc. are all products processed from metal silicon powder.

In magnesia-carbon bricks, the main function of metallic silicon powder is to consume oxygen in the decarburization layer, thereby increasing the oxidation resistance of carbon-containing refractory materials.

The main functions of metallic silicon and aluminum in carbon-containing refractory materials are to resist oxidation, thereby reducing the oxidation of carbon. In terms of effect, metallic silicon powder is not as good as metallic aluminum powder. Some metal processing companies believe that metallic silicon is suitable for smelting at high and low temperatures. The refractory material below, metallic aluminum is the opposite. Another point is that the high temperature strength of carbon-containing refractory materials added with metallic aluminum is higher than that of carbon-containing refractory materials added with metallic silicon.

It is difficult to distinguish between metallic silicon powder and metallic aluminum powder. Generally, they can only be distinguished by chemical analysis, so more identification is required.

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