What are the reasons why silica sol is widely used by users?

2024-03-27 15:08:06

Silica sol is a solvent for silicon dioxide. This material is a polymer material and is widely used by users in various industries. What are the reasons why this material is widely used by users? Here is a brief introduction to several aspects, hoping to let more users understand the advantages of this material.

First, silica sol is a non-toxic and odorless solution. Since its colloidal particles are very small and the particles are colorless and transparent, they will not affect the original color of the covered object. Most importantly, the material also has good permeability and has the properties of silica sol after being mixed with other objects.

Second, the silica sol process is simple. ZONACEN CO., LIMITED uses a simple silicon hydrolysis process when producing this material. This process has high technical requirements, and the particles produced have relatively good uniformity.

Third, silica sol has good properties. Because it has good high temperature resistance and strong adhesion, it is widely used in the coating industry, casting industry and refractory adhesive industry.

Fourth, one of the biggest advantages of silica sol application in the coating industry is that the material has good permeability and can complement the coating well. After the materials complement each other, the coating will be stronger and have anti-aging functions.

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